Crack Sauce

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Crack Sauce isn’t just a condiment. It’s your all-purpose culinary sidekick, ready to lay down the flavor on anything edible. Seafood, meats, chicken, eggs, hot dogs, veggies, and more. From the grill to the skillet, no dish is complete without this master blend bringing flavor to your favorite eats.

About Lotus Seafood: Since ‘06, Lotus Seafood has been servin' up Houston's finest, with each spot from Braeswood to Pearland drippin' in city pride and Crack Sauce. This ain't just food; it’s a vibe, a culture, a piece of H-Town’s heart. Welcome to Lotus, where we dish out more than meals—we serve stories, seasoned in Houston's soul.

What you get: 16 fl oz of garlicky goodness, addictive AF buttery smoothness, and seasonin’ til you sneezin’.


Absolutely. Crack Sauce has been known to turn kitchen mishaps into culinary masterpieces. Side effects may include inflated chef egos and spontaneous kitchen dance circles.

The transformative powers of Crack Sauce are legendary, but they may not land you a TV show on the Food Network. However, don't be surprised if you start signing autographs at family barbecues or becoming the most followed food influencer in your neighborhood.

While Crack Sauce is known for making everything better, including friendships, we recommend keeping your best friend around. After all, you'll need someone to share the sauce with, unless you've already replaced them after they used the last of it without asking.

Due to its addictive AF qualities and ability to turn bland into grand, some have tried to use Crack Sauce as a form of barter. While we don't officially endorse this practice, we've heard tales of debts being settled and alliances formed over a bottle. Just remember, the exchange rate fluctuates with the deliciousness of the dish it's enhancing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Lacedric Richardson

This is pure crack. You’ll need to start selling it by the case it was absolutely delicious.

Suzette Phipps
Must try

Great sauce goes with a lot of meats and noodles or rice.

Dion MartinYoung Dion
Perfect Addition

Needed a sauce to compliment my Fried Fish….. Mannnnn this is it!!!!

Laura S
Really good

I’ve ordered twice. It’s really good and when I’m done with my last two bottles, I’ll order more. I love the sauce

Reginald Sutton

I love the sauce. I put it on everything.